How To Pick The Best CBD Dab Rig?

Vaping CBD
Vaping CBD
CBD Dab Rig
CBD Dab Rig

Dabbing is an intake method that has been growing popular among CBD users for the quick effects and high potency it offers. In the method, CBD concentrates like CBD wax, CBD shatter, etc are placed inside special dabbing equipment like a dab rig.

The quality of the dabbing equipment plays a significant role in deciding the overall quality of your CBD experience. In this session, we give you some guidelines on how to pick the best dab rig.

Choose A Dab Rig That Suits Your Dabbing Habits

Whether or not you dab CBD on a daily basis, it is not a good idea to pick a dab rig that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Sometimes people who do not dab regularly buy expensive pieces or people who dab regularly buy small dab rigs that make daily cleaning necessary. These are examples of bad dab rig choices. After all, it is your money, and make sure you spend it on worthy stuff.

Buy A Good Blowtorch

Do not hesitate to invest in a good quality torch because the better the quality, the longer it lasts. The dabbing procedure requires a high temperature that can damage the parts of the equipment. In order to regulate the dabbing temperatures accurately, get a high-quality torch.

Realize The Importance Of Nail Quality

The CBD concentrate is placed over the nail for heating, and hence nail is affected the most by the high heat inside the dabbing equipment. The nail can be replaced after it gets damaged due to heat, which is why CBD users mostly prefer nails made of a durable material like titanium or quartz.

Pick A Dab Rig That Pleases Your Aesthetics

There is no denying that the technical parameters of the dab rig have complete control over the dabbing experience but the aesthetic appeal of the dab rig is a major influence in the selection process. Amazing work is put in the designing of glass rigs, with numerous artistic styles available in the category.

Since the dab rig you pick might be put to display at your homes, selecting one that looks amazing is important.

Being a complex process, it takes some time to start dabbing your daily CBD dose. You have to pick the right amount of CBD concentrate, place it on the nail, heat it to the right temperature, and finally inhale the vapors. Once the vapors enter your lungs, it is just a matter of few minutes, with the CBD beginning to kick in by penetrating the permeable layers of the lungs and entering the bloodstream.