Is CBD Suitable For Vegans?

CBD For Fragile X Syndrome
CBD For Fragile X Syndrome
CBD Suitable For Vegans
CBD Suitable For Vegans

When CBD began hitting the markets, the first thought of vegans who wanted to try it must have been if CBD will suit their vegan way of life. CBD is a compound extracted from hemp plants and used as a primary ingredient of various wellness products. The compound is without doubt, of plant origin and hence vegan.

The vegan/non-vegan status of cannabidiol products is determined by the ingredients that are used in them.

What Is Veganism?

Veganism is defined as the way of life in which people avoid all forms of animal products from their life. They avoid foods, textiles, footwear, cosmetics, and more made out of animal ingredients. Veganism is not to be mistaken for vegetarianism as they aren’t the same. Vegans avoid eggs, dairy and honey from their diet.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. When talking about cannabis plants, the species include marijuana and hemp but the former is known for its high THC content while the latter is known for its high CBD content. The law permits the production and sale of hemp derived cannabidiol products alone.

Hemp seeds are popular food supplements since ancient times. By weight, dried hemp has more protein than lamb or beef. It is also more nutritious than flax seeds, the popular vegan protein source.

How Should Vegans Choose CBD?

There is no denying that CBD is plant-derived but the ingredients that manufacturers use in the making of their cannabidiol product may not be of plant origin. Those products cannot be considered vegan-friendly.

CBD edibles like gummies, brownies and chocolate are very popular. Check the ingredient list of store-bought CBD edibles to ensure that they do not contain any animal ingredients like gelatin, eggs etc.

CBD topicals are used for treating a skin condition, as well as for general skin care. Some CBD creams may contain beeswax that is considered a non-vegan ingredient. Commercial bee farms employ several practices that are harmful to the health of the bees. Beehives that are the shelters of bees are made with beeswax, indicating that collecting beeswax would mean that the bees are losing their shelter.

The sweeteners and flavors used in products like CBD tinctures, if of animal origin cannot be considered suitable for vegans.

Vegan-friendly CBD products will mention it on the label. It is important to have due diligence and study the ingredient list on the product label and third party lab results to ensure that no animal ingredients are used in the product.