What are the Different Types of CBD Products?

CBD Pain Relief
CBD Pain Relief

CBD is the Cannabinoid that is a new entrée to the markets and is gaining fame for its medicinal properties. The benefits of the product keep attracting the attention of the scientific world as well as make the commoners curious. CBD products are obtained from the hemp plant which belongs to the cannabis family. Hemp CBD contains a high amount of CBD and minimal or no concentration of the intoxicating chemical compound THC. This proves that the doubts on CBD getting you high are baseless.

What Are the Core Types of CBD Products?

Every CBD product that you get in the market is either made from CBD extract or CBD isolate. Various sub-products of CBD are obtained from these core types and they are sold in the original form as well.

What Are the Types of CBD Sub-Products?

The sub-products of CBD serve specific purposes and each of them is made from CBD isolate or CBD extract. Some types of sub-products are mentioned below.

  • Products of the cosmetic industry
  • Edible CBD products
  • Vape products
  • Products designed for pets
  • CBD topical

What Exactly Is CBD Extract?

CBD extract is obtained from the hemp plant by employing special methods of extraction. The extract has a thick paste to a honey-like consistency. It is generally used as an ingredient in other CBD products and it is also sold in raw form. If the sale of the extract is in a direct form, it will usually be packed in syringes or containers similar to that. The CBD extract that is of high quality is called a full spectrum CBD.

Manufacture of CBD Extract

CBD extracts are obtained from hemp plants that have high CBD and low THC content. CBD can also be exacted from the marijuana plant but is not legal because of the high content of THC in it. To obtain the acidic form of hemp CBD called Cannabidiolic Acid(CBDA), the extraction method using supercritical carbon dioxide is used.

CBDA is an inactive form of CBD and the decarboxylation process can be employed to convert it into an active form. The process frees CBDA of acid.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a crystalline white powder and contains no THC which is relieving for people who take drug tests. The crystallization technique is used to process the CBD extract which belongs to the full spectrum category.

Effectiveness of Isolated CBD

The effectiveness of isolate CBD is limited when compared to full-spectrum CBD. But many people still prefer the isolate to use it as an additive that is intended to increase the CBD potency.