CBD Oil And Its Use In Providing Relief For Arthritis Patients

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Oil Drops
CBD Oil Drops

Cannabidiol oil has been making its run on social media with influencers pouring in from every direction, promoting an ungodly number of CBD products, retailers, and producers. But before we let ourselves be swept by the avalanche of trendsetters, let us sit back and learn something new!

What Is CBD?

It stands for cannabidiol, shortened to CBD. It is one of the several hundreds of organic components of the all too famous marijuana plant. Many of those who used to loathe this strain of narcotics have miraculously changed sides. The reason? CBD has nothing to do with the result of laying back on your hammock after puffing to glory. In fact, the use of CBD gives a user absolutely no effect of intoxication because of the absence of the compound THC. CBD at the most causes drowsiness and none of the other effects mentioned.

How To Safely Use CBD

Several tests have been conducted on CBD. Although in a controlled group, CBD has yielded surprisingly positive results. Wide scaled human trials are yet to be carried on, but it is fast approaching the corner. CBD has been regarded as a kind of “miracle drug” that has been able to keep chronic pain at bay. With the onset of age, the first thing that takes a beating is definitely the joints. With constant inflammation and pain, patients tend to reach out to whatever can give them instant relief. However, there seems to be a crippling downfall to using CBD. In higher doses, it has been seen to adversely react with conventional drugs that are consumed by patients in lieu of the arthritis treatment such as pain relievers. The result is a strong possibility of damage to liver functions. Therefore, do make sure you pay a visit to the doctor!

Application Of CBD Oils

The pure CBD cannot be directly ingested. Mix the concentrated CBD oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut or hemp seed oil. This ensures the proper fluidity is achieved. Take the prescribed dosage in the dropper, and release the CBD oil drops under your tongue. Be sure to hold it there, for a minute. This ensures that it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Mind you, the oil will be hard on your palate! The effect will be seen more readily than a topical application such as a CBD lotion. In which case simply apply an ample quantity of the lotion onto the aching joint for relief.

The Final Call

The long term effects of the use of CBD oil is yet to be ascertained. However, there are millions of cases that show the CBD oils benefits. However, consider the following things before starting CBD treatment:

  • Have a word with your doctor, about the dosage and whether this is a safe alternative, considering the medication you’re on now.
  • Do keep in mind that good quality CBD product is expensive. Make sure that you see the benefits of using it, and not merely drain your pocket.
  • CBD is only complementary to the well-researched western medicines and treatment for arthritis for now. In the future, it may become a replacement.

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