What Is Certificate Of Analysis Of CBD?

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Quality Of CBD
Quality Of CBD
Quality Of CBD

The certificate of Analysis is one of the key indicators of the quality of CBD products. If you cannot find the certificate of analysis of a cannabidiol product, it shows the lack of transparency of the brand. It is advisable to drop the idea of buying it.

Read on to know in detail about the certificate of analysis.

What Is A Certificate Of Analysis?

The Certificate Of Analysis(COA) is a document issued by an accredited lab that shows the varieties of cannabinoids present in a product and their concentrations.

In addition to cannabinoid percentages, COA also gives the percentages of toxic metals and chemicals present in the product. It also shows the percentage of other cannabis-derived substances like terpenes and flavonoids if present.

Why Is COA Important?

The Certificate of Analysis of a CBD product is important for many reasons:

  • It lets you know if the product contains the advertised levels of cannabinoids.
  • It proves that the product is derived from federally legal hemp and not from prohibited cannabis plants like marijuana.
  • It helps you understand if the product belongs to the advertised spectrum. If a product is advertised as CBD isolate, you should check its COA to see if it has any non-CBD cannabinoids. If you find any, you will realize that the product doesn’t belong to the advertised spectrum option.

Who Issues The Certificate Of Analysis?

The certificate of Analysis of cannabidiol products is to be issued by reputed third-party labs that have a neutral stand. If the testing lab has some profit motives, they might produce a false result favoring the CBD vendor. In that case, you cannot trust the COA. To prevent this from happening, look for the lab that produced the COA of a product and go ahead with your purchase only if you are confident of the lab’s neutral stand.

Undesirable Substances In A CBD Product

The purity of the source hemp largely determines the purity of the cannabidiol product derived from it. As hemp is a hyperaccumulator, it will absorb the toxins and chemicals in its growing soils, which means CBD products sourced from hemp grown in contaminated soils will contain various contaminants including metal toxins and chemicals.

The certificate of Analysis will mention the percentages of the contaminants in a CBD product. Read all the information in the COA to determine how pure a CBD product is.