Methods Used for CBD Extraction

CBD CBG Comparison
CBD CBG Comparison
CBD Extracts
CBD Extracts

Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from cannabis or hemp. There are also many other compounds present in these plants which are collectively called cannabinoids. More than a hundred cannabinoids are present in the cannabis plant including CBD, THC, etc. THC is the psychoactive component that is responsible for producing intoxicating effects. The use of THC is illegal as it can induce “high” and create addiction.

However, CBD does not create such problems and it is a non-psychoactive component. Also, this compound is believed to have enormous pharmaceutical benefits which made it a common ingredient in a large number of medicines and health supplements.

Now, a lot of people are widely using cannabidiol for exploiting the large number of health benefits it provides. Therefore, the extraction of CBD is also increasing. Many people are curious to know how CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. Hence, we include some most commonly used techniques for producing CBD extracts from cannabis or hemp.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction

Here there will be a specially designed apparatus that has three chambers. The cannabis or hemp plant is kept in one chamber whereas the pressurized CO2 is held in another. When this carbon dioxide is allowed to pass through the chamber that contains the plant, it will break down the hemp, thereby separating the oil from the plant. The CBD oil thus created will have high concentrations of CBD in it along with other components present in the plant.

Finally, this oil together with CO2 will be pumped into a third chamber, where the carbon dioxide is allowed to evaporate leaving the oil behind. This method is highly efficient and produces high-quality CBD oil. However, it can be expensive than other methods used for CBD extraction.

Steam Distillation

This method utilizes the steam produced by boiling water for extracting the oil from the plant material. The machinery used for this process includes a flask with an inlet and outlet. There will be also a boiler where the water will be boiled to produce steam.

The plant will be kept in the flask and the steam produced by the boiler will be allowed to enter the flask through the inlet. This will separate the oil vapors from the plant and these vapors will be collected using another flask. After the collection is complete, the mixture of steam and CBD vapors will be distilled to separate the CBD oil from the water.

This method has been used for centuries to extract oil from cannabis, however, it is less efficient than the CO2 extraction method.