Ethanol Extraction Method of CBD

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Interesting CBD Facts
Interesting CBD Facts

The growth wasn’t slow but it is steady. It is hemp CBD we are talking about and being the star of the markets, it hardly needs an introduction. The young product in the markets, which got the well deserved legal status only in 2018, CBD is still making people curious.

Exploring the source of your CBD product takes you to a hemp farm, with hundreds of the cannabis family plants growing with tall stems. Making a CBD product is not as simple as plucking fruit from your orchard and so it requires special methods of extraction and purification.

What Is Ethanol Extraction Method?

Ethanol extraction is not the only method for extracting CBD from the hemp plant, but multiple method options of differing efficiencies are available. As the name suggests, ethanol is the main reagent that goes into the extraction process, and CBD oil can be obtained in multiple ways using ethanol.

The general ethanol extraction process involves the heating up of the plant material for decarboxylation, the removal of carbon dioxide from the extract. The decarboxylation step is crucial in retaining the active components in cannabis, and once it is done, the plant material is soaked in ethanol for a particular amount of time.

The final solution obtained after the soaking time is over is then filtered so that the liquids are separated from plant matter. Ethanol is not required in the final product, and it is removed by letting it evaporate by keeping the liquid in an open china dish.

Why Ethanol Extraction?

Many experts suggest the ethanol extraction method for CBD because ethanol is a plant-based solvent, and maintaining the natural chemical ratios of the hemp plant would be relatively easy. Ethanol extraction is equally efficient in extracting water and oil-soluble components, and the efficacy of the method in extracting chlorophyll is quite praiseworthy.

It is true that chlorophyll has several health benefits but its grassy taste is a bit putting-off, demanding its removal from the CBD oil even if it means compromising a bit on the potency of the oil. Employing the ethanol extraction method causes the formation of esters that are water-soluble compounds which greatly contributes to the bioavailability of the oil because water-based compounds are easily absorbed by our body.

Apart from the ethanol extraction method, several methods like CO2  extraction can be used in the CBD oil making process and each method has its pros and cons. The extraction method using ethanol is quite famous for the purity level it promises, and it is relatively inexpensive when compared with CO2 extraction.