Can CBD Treat Trauma Of Cats And Dogs?

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When the instincts of an animal show signs that some things can endanger its safety, it will experience fear and stress reactions. Its behavior will normalize after the threat goes away. This is a vital perception in wild animals as it can keep them from harm. When it comes to a domestic pet, though, the fears are likely to become irrational or chronic.

Many different situations could just trigger trauma in a dog, whether it is a stray dog you found from the streets, a shelter animal, or one rescued from captivity. Dogs sometimes see living in a residence as being in captivity, which creates a certain form of stress. This is technically practical.

Have you wondered what your dog goes through after you go away from home for work and leave it behind? For you, being away from home maybe just a matter of a few hours. For the pet, though, it can appear to be an eternity. The thought of you not coming back to it could just bring fear, anxiety, and trauma to the pet.

How Pet Trauma Is Usually Treated

One animal may experience trauma in the form of a preexisting condition, whereas another can have it through its own volition. The first thing that people usually do to treat it is to take the pet to a veterinarian or behavior specialist. Then, the medical professional will rule out the pet’s health issues as the possible reasons for the aforementioned conditions. If they regard the latter issues as worthy of treatment, then they would create a pet care plan, involving standard drugs.

For example, anti-anxiety drugs are prescribed for a pet that gets anxious on hearing loud noises, like the noise of crackers, from the outside, or when traveling. Pharmaceutical drugs would also be needed in the event there exists any chronic situation in the pet’s house. Pharmaceuticals are usually made for human beings and are potent and chemical-laden. Besides, these can have negative secondary effects, like the possibility to raise the anxiety and stress levels in your pet.

When treating an uncertain and scared pet with that kind of pharmaceutical drug, can further impair the animal with a greater level of anxiety and stress. There may be situations where prescription drugs are the lone option. That said, there also exist situations where people believe that they have an option other than those drugs.

CBD As A Substitute For Pharmaceutical Drugs

It tends to be imperative for the affected pet’s owner to rely on a pharmaceutical drug as a treatment option for the animal. However, nontoxic substances can sometimes be used in the form of either an alternative or complementary option to the above drug. This is where CBD for pets can come into play.

According to claims, the cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp is effective in treating varying levels of trauma in pets. It is unfortunate that there exist not many pieces of research on CBD for dogs and cats that suffer from anxiety. Therefore, it is not possible to show many evidential effects of the hemp derivative on these domestic animals. The so-called endocannabinoid system is the same in mammals, so a recent metadata study discovered that cannabidiol will have an identical effect on all of them. Researchers are yet to discover just how cannabidiol helps an animal to deal with its anxiety, but many different studies on animals have helped them to know that it works.

Claims indicate that cannabidiol can boost brain-based serotonin levels, thereby helping a captive pet to recall past things, have a better mood, and ease stress symptoms. Cannabidiol can also lessen the symptoms of physical problems such as chronic pain. For your information, chronic pain can bring about anxious episodes or spells of reactivity in pets.

Chronic Spells Of Trauma And Fear

When it comes to its use, almost every CBD product is very flexible. Going by existing user claims, it is possible to administer the item to pets that have chronic health conditions on a continuous basis. It is fortunate that cannabidiol is not toxic and not mind-altering. These features apply no matter what you use cannabidiol for. So, you may administer it to your phobic or anxious pet regularly without worrying that it would have an adverse reaction in its body.

At what time you wish to use CBD for your pet depends on which sort of fear it experiences. Sometimes, the issue is only momentary, such as in the case of loud noises that come from outside your building. This issue is known as phonophobia, which involves the pet behaving strangely, like hiding. In this case, you would not have to give CBD  to the pet continuously. Rather, you may give it the product at the time when it shows the unusual behavior. Just a one-off dosage of it might just relieve your pet’s trauma. See this blog on what to know before giving your pet CBD.